Thursday, January 18, 2018

Hello 2018

Hello readers,

Its been a long time (very long time) i did not post any of reading materials to you. Maybe i was too busy with my life changing, family, focus in career. Therefore i found that i need to pause for my blogging until my life is currently stable. First of foremost, my reason to create this blog (by end of year 2010) is only for fun and making some money (via nuffnang,churpchurp). However i was not so serious till now our life is changing. Everyone is online and reads lot of information via internet.


In recent years, i doing some research focusly how to make many by online actively or passively( i prefer passively so much) and found a few that is encouraging for me to do it. So my new year resolution now by this year, 2018, i will share with what i have found for these 3 years. Hopefully i will gain my readers again.

But i think i will create a new blog, seriously to focus on side income. Hopefully to find a good solution there. Lastly thanks to you my readers that still keep up to read my blog everyday. Its been a pleasure.

I will let you know my new blog soon

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